Startups traveling!

I had a second guest with Startup Stay, and love to share the experience – and the recommendations for the organizers, as they seem to struggle…

Martynas left his day job in a bank exactly a year ago in Lituania. In the past 12 months, HouseGuest he has been busy starting a couple of ideas. is about helping people to achieve a better living. Something we at the Hercules Trophy do believe in as well.

When he was getting traction with his ventures, Martynas was about to explore the rest of the world, to understand how people could use his apps, and to seek partners for his venture. And StartupStay proved to be a nice asset to travel while running a startup with limited budget.

StartupStay is a community by and for entrepreneurs and startups. We provide accommodation to other starters. Not only a way of keeping costs down, but who better than an entrepreneur in a new city can point a founder of a startup to the interesting people to meet, meetings to go, etc…

So I am a fan of the concept. Not as broad as Airbnb for example, but by serving its niche, it serves its community in an excellent way. This explains my shock when StartUpStay announced it would force hosts to charge for a stay (Not allowing them to keep on doing this for free) and would open the network to other professionals, such as business consultants. And even while I believe that this might solve the short term cash problems of StartupStay, it will undermine the idea in the long run.

Martynas still can benefit from the “old” ways of StartupStay. He’ll be moving to his next host today – but we connected, had the time to exchange ideas and inspire the both of us. And that’s what this should be all about!

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