Snow storm anywhere?


Routes between New York City and Buffalo

Routes between New York City and Buffalo

Dear friends in Europe, and especially those who make their money in the media,
The next time you joke about the Americans and how bad their geography skills are, think about how good you know this country.

I had, just like a couple of friends last week, calls from contacts in Europe, journalists included, asking me to provide them with images of the snow storm in New York. So I explained times and again that those images from Buffalo, ny, are not even close to here. The distance between New York City and Buffalo are about the same as between Brussels and Strasbourg. So, no, I can’t get you those shots. When the snow comes to this city, I’ll be happy to go out and get you nice snow shots in Manhattan.

And to that one person who called herself the only Belgian journalist who understood the distance, as she traveled here: too bad you haven’t met all those very competent, and knowledgeable correspondents based here. But it’s a relieve you consider me an expert in all the places where I traveled. I do not…

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