Santacon New York: the other Santa


Santacon New York Fighting Santas

Santacon New York brings out the best in Santa (Image by Alex Fitzpatrick, Flickr)

Some events in New York attract more attention from people trying to stop the event, than we can expect actual participants. Santacon is definitely one of these. The Santacon organization had to hire a famous civil rights lawyer in its defense, the transit systems into New York City changes their enforcement of alcohol bans for the event, and community boards in the city are looking for cameras and journalists to tell how much they dislike having the event in their neighborhood.

Santacon New York

Santacon is a gathering of people in Santa costumes in what the organization claims to be a charitable event. The organization says they are raising money for good causes. But for many, this event becomes a yearly meeting with drunk friends, street fights, vomiting, …

Protests still ongoing might affect Santacon New York

It’s not clear if the protests we have in the city, will try to influence Santacon New York. In the last days, the protesters tried to shut down some well attended events such as the Thanksgiving parade, the lightning of the tree on Rockefeller, black Friday at Macy’s. Today, it’s impossible to see if these protests will show up at Santacon. The organizers of the protests are trying to keep the momentum going and they plan a large rally in the city this same saturday. One of the bulletin boards of the protesters called “@santacon I advise y'all 2 stay out of the way of the Millions March protest come Dec 13th. Or better yet, join! #SantaCon #BlackLivesMatter“.

Some community boards and councils have not waited till they received a demand for a permit, they spoke out against the event before the organizers officially applied. Organizations of bars in different neighborhoods have come out against the event as well.

Sober trains

The railway systems into the city have announced a complete ban and extra enforcement on the trains, staring at 11PM tonight. During Santacon New York and till noon on the day after, no alcohol will be tolerated. LIRR and Metro North will have MTA police officers on the trains and in the stations. Alcohol will be confiscated and people can be fined a $50 ticket.

It remains a question so far where Santacon New York 2014 will happen this Saturday. By tomorrow evening, we expect the organizers to announce the location of the event via the website and twitter. So sanitation knows where to put extra people there to clean up after Santa? No wonder I still prefer Saint Nicholas


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