Restarted running

As some of you remember, I started running last year. It turned out to be hard to keep up the frequent runs. And on top of that, the Nike+Ipod chip I bought last January broke down on me after only 10 months. So I had reasons enough to stop running for a few months:


I purchased a new chip last week, restarted my training-schema and made some plans for a few runs this year:

The Antwerp 10 Miles (April 22)

This one I will run with the team of Kite Consultants, a young, dynamic and (hopefully very) sportive consulting company based in Antwerp. So, friends at Kite, take this a “yes” to the question if I will join you in Antwerp!
Not only a great run, but it will be my first time to go trough the Kennedy Tunnel while running!

The 20 KM of Brussels (May 25)

As I missed the last edition, I will make sure to get in shape and run the most popular Belgian running event.

The New York Half Marathon (July 27)

If I manage to plan this in my schedule and if I can get a starting place…

The Boston Half Marathon (October 12)

As the next event of the Citrix Summit will not take place in January ’09, but in October ’08, I could as well try to make a detour via Boston and add this one to my schedule. Not only do I like the city of Boston very much, but I hope to meet Rafael again in New York or in Boston. I met him during this summers half marathon in New York. He has been running to raise funds in the research for autism, and will do so in 2008 (even if he changed the game a little bit this year :-)) You can find my side of the story here and the way Rafael lived this event here.

More to come -I’ll keep you updated on the blog!

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