Too cold for murder in New York City


no murder in new york city

NYPD barrier – police line

Today, Eric Roman died as a result of the injuries inflicted last Friday. This ended the longest period in history without a murder in New York City.

No murder in New York City

During 12 days, between Superbowl Sunday and last Friday, no people were murdered in New York City, according to the data of the NYPD. On Friday, an alleged disagreement over drugs ended with two shots being fired at Mr. Roman, who was brought to the hospital in critical condition. He died today as a result of these gunshots. That makes Friday the first day with a person killed since February 1st.  The record of 10 days without a homicide was broken last Thursday.

Last year in February, we came close, when the city counted no one assassinated for 10 days in a row.

The NYPD counted no murders  in New York City for over 11 days.

NYPD Emergency services and plain clothes officers on the Lower East Side, Manhattan, NYC

12 days with no murder in new york city, is a new record for the City as far as the cops can go back in time. (that turns out to be to the early 1990’s, when the NYPD received their first computers for record-keeping). Bill Bratton, the chief of the NYPD, said: “You figure, in 1990, when I first came here, they were doing 6 murders a day,” he said in a conversation this week. “And to have in a city of eight-and-a-half million people, just think of it, to have 11, 12 days without a murder; we had a couple days in there, I think, where we didn’t have any shootings or stabbings, either. So, it’s just a reflection of just how safe the city has become.”

Despite the reputation, New York city has rather low homicide rate, compared to other cities in the USA. NYC is not even in the top-50 of cities with most murders per capita. Detroit, Michigan is the city that leads the race with 10 times as much assassinations as NYC.

The New York Police Department, NYPD, announce there was no murder in NYC for 12 days

No murder in New York City for 12 days, according to the NYPD.

The murder rate now even dropped below the USA average. In 2012, it was still at 5.1 homicides per 100,000 people. Last year, that went down to 3.9. The USA is now at 4.1. That’s still considerably more than double the figures seen in most EU countries. Greece, the most violent in the EU, has a murder-rating of 1.7, less than half of the new numbers New York can show now.

Last years periode of no murder in New York City was during one of the coldest periods of winter. This year, that seems to be the case as well. New York is currently suffering a blizzard-like storm, the Hudson is partially freezing over, so the conditions are set to have another go at this record…

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