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When we got back from New Zealand, I found that tagging so many images so much after the facts was not easy, so I searched for (and found) a solution…

Yesterday I went out and bought this small USB-stick-sized device: a PhotoTrackr from Gisteq. Bought it at a shop and only looked at their website later. (If it would have happened the other way around, I would never have purchased from these guys. Their website is filled with 404-not found pages and the functionalities are not working in Firefox.)

But fortunately, the device and the software has been designed by their better team…

PhotoTrackr Device

The PhotoTrackr Device

The box contains a small CD, the device itself, a (= 1) sheet of paper with setup instructions and a cord to carry the device.

When the software is setup, you will find out that the installed version is not supporting RAW-images by default. That requires an upgrade to the “professional” version. Painless paypall payment of about 16Euro/19.90USD and the software is complete.

The user manual for PC is the recto side of the sheet of paper in the box, the Apple manual in on the verso side.

The use of the device is plain simple.

  • The GPS charges the battery using the USB-port of a computer.
  • Before starting – time on the device MUST match time on the camera. Matching means, to the second…
  • Once unplugged from the computer, the device LED goes to a blue, solid light whle searching the GPS signal
  • When a signal is found, it starts blinking blue slowly, recording data. As line of sight is required it stopped working when I put it in my pocket. The lanyard-alike item that comes with the device seems the best way of carrying it. I might hang it to my camera backpack in the next days and see what results that will give me.
  • At a certain point, you can push the button on the device and mark that location
  • And you can take pictures, while the device is on and with you…

Once back at the desk, you can upload pictures as you do normal (I use Adobe Lightroom). Then you start the Gisteq software, and import the logs from the portable GPS. Next you point to the folder(s) where the images are stored, and the software adds the correct metadata for GPS in every of the images. Nice to have is a map (powered by Google map) in the application that shows your track and the images. The GPS data is compatible with photosites such as Flickr and Picasa.

For me this is the timesaver of the month. 55Euro for the device and 15 Euro for the software upgrade, 70 Euro well spend. Let’s hope the guys at Gisteq use some of that money to fix up their buggy website.

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