Ferguson Protest in New York, Live Blog (November 25 – 2014)


Ferguson Protest

After the Grand Jury decided yesterday not to indict the police officer in the Michael Brown shooting, lots of Americans and people in other countries had difficulties understanding how this was possible. In New York City, on top of that, we had an unarmed and innocent man shot a couple of days ago, so the verdict was felt here as well.


People went for the street on Monday. They gathered in Union Square, where they started a march to Times Square, and later to Columbus Circle. The protester blocked some major bridges during the night. But it all happened in a relative calm atmosphere, and the NYPD didn’t engaged, except for some local incidents.


The protesters marched from Union square towards times square, but the NYPD stopped them at 36th street. The group walked west, and currently sits in front of Lincoln Tunnel.
NYPD on scooters is trying to control traffic in hells kitchen.



While some reports claim Lincoln Tunnel to be closed by protesters, traffic still enters at 11th Avenue and 40th.


Some 100 protesters on times square.

The group from times square goes south.

3000 people march on FDR, group of a couple hundred walks east on e23rd street towards FDR.
Even while there seems to be no leader, these people work pretty well together to stay away from NYPD road blocks, and to make sure that oncoming tragic is halted early.

Traffic on FDR halted in both directions.
Hundred more come over Avenue C

Over 3000 people on FDR north bound. South bound lanes reopened.

10 pm
After a stop at the United nations, the group now marches on 42nd street, at Grand Central station.

NYPD Brooklyn requesting Level 1 mobilization response at Barclays Center for a large group of Protesters.

A large part of the group walks alongside 7th avenue, uptown. A small group stays behind, blocking the intersection of 7th Avenue and 46th street.

11.17 PM
The group that stayed behind at Times Square is still there. NYPD added several man, including cops in riot gear, to the effective that stayed here. Finally, after an hour, cars that where blocked in West 46th street, including some limos and taxis, could escape.

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