Ferguson Protest blocking New York City (Nov 25)


Protesters in NYC, expressing their disagreement with the Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict.

Protesters march in the New York streets, carrying signs against unpunished police violence.

When the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, announced that Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, would not be indicted, people came to the street in many cities in the country. In New York, on the day after the verdict, thousands of people gathered to march in the streets and to block traffic in tunnels, streets, intersections and on the highways.

Ferguson Protesters on FDR

Traffic on FDR Southbound is shut down as Ferguson protesters spread over it.

Two groups marched in New York to show their disproval of the Ferguson decision. A first group gathered at Union Square at 5PM, making their way via Lincoln Tunnel to Times Square. A second group started marching towards FDR at 7PM. Around 8PM, the two groups blocked FDR in both directions. The NYPD tried to stop some hundred protesters to join them, but stood down when the protesters tried to make their way via the shores of the East River.

Ferguson Protest Images

I posted more images of the Ferguson Protest in New York.

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