Eric Garner’s death – Grand Jury Decision today


Eric Garner being hold by the NYPD. (image by Ramsey Orta - Time Magazine)

Eric Graner being hold by the NYPD. (image by Ramsey Orta – Time Magazine)

An african american man is stopped by the police for a minor crime. The Police is using force to hold him. The man dies. A grand jury has to decide on the indictment of the Policeman. This is not Ferguson, it’s New York City. It’s today.

New York City awaits the verdict of the Grand Jury, deciding on the indictment of Daniel Pantaleo. On July 17, Officer Pantaleo of the NYPD, assisted a plain clothes officer stopping Mr. Garner, who they believed was selling tax free cigarettes. In the struggle, officer Pantaleo held Eric Garner in a chokehold, resulting in him dying.

The Grand Jury is expected to render its verdict in te case of Eric Garner today. And, since the city hasn’t been without a march in the streets since the Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict, many are expecting New York to be the scene of more marches and more protests today. The NYPD has arrested some people marching in the streets again yesterday. Since the protesters turned again the Thanksgiving Parade last Thursday, the NY Police seems to believe they have lost the support of the people in the street, and the confrontations have become tenser.

While the family of Eric Garner calls for calm, protesters are reaching out on social media to arrange for marches later in the city, if this jury, just like the one in Ferguson, decides to let the policemen of the hook.


Update 2:35PM

The Staten Island Grand Jury Declines to Indict the Officer…

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