Ferguson Protest blocking New York City (Nov 25)

Protesters in NYC, expressing their disagreement with the Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict.

Protesters march in the New York streets, carrying signs against unpunished police violence.

When the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, announced that Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, would not be indicted, people came to the street in many cities in the country. In New York, on the day after the verdict, thousands of people gathered to march in the streets and to block traffic in tunnels, streets, intersections and on the highways.
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Walking the dog, New York style

Most of us in NYC, and especially in Manhattan, live in tiny apartments. If we are allowed to have a dog at all, there are so many restrictions. Dog people who are also New Yorkers often end up without a loyal companion — but an outdoor company now offers the chance to walk a shelter dog in the woods north of New York City.
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