touchpad-hybrid portable computer?

Bartb made an interessting suggestion a few days ago on its blog on dropzone. Current technology as most of us carry around to do our job and to support our online life, is missing one feature….

Bart is making the point that it would be one of those major improvements in the touchpad so “(…) it can be used with a stylus, in absolute mode, turning it into a small drawing pad”

Interesting point of view. A few weeks ago I had made the decision to purchase a new laptop PC. After being a Tablet PC user since the launch of Windows XP Tablet Edition, I was used to having drawing capabilities with me at all times. However, that came at a cost. Not only in Euros (that too!!) but as well in speed, screen resolution and the choice between portability and affordability.

So yes, please dear hardware-constructors, hear this request for change so we can have a basic drawing pad in the touchpad. I am willing to pay a little more for the feature anyway!

Crossing the Chasm

Our weekend off in Barcelona, and the good weather that “forced” us to take some time off at the beach, was the exact opportunity to finish the last few pages of Crossing the Chasm, a brilliant book by Geoffrey A. Moore. It’s a shame I never finished this book earlier. It describes the struggle that many high tech companies have to bring their products to the market. And it gives some excellent advise on how to deal with it.