When the sword stops the pen…

Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

A Charlie Hebdo Cartoon by Cabu (Jean Cabut, who was killed yesterday)

Rest in peace: Stephane Charbonnier, Jean Cabut, Georges Wolinski, Bernard Verlhac, Bernard Maris, Michel Renaud, Franck Brinsolaro,  Ahmed Merabet, Philip Honoré,  Moustapha Ourrad, Frédéric Boisseau, Elsa Cayat.

The pen will prove mightier than the sword…


Je Suis Charlie

I am Charlie

Saint Nicholas Day today!

Saint Nicholas Day - Saint Nicholas Waiving

The holy man waving on Saint Nicholas Day (Image:Hans Pama)

December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day. Most of my American friends never had a chance meeting this holy man: Santa Claus in in charge of the United States Department of Happy Children. In the low countries of Europe, Saint Nicholas rules the roofs and chimneys of the houses where well behaving children live. In Flanders, Belgium, where I grew up, he’s called “Sinterklaas”. When I moved to New York, I left his jurisdiction.

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How many police killings per year in the USA?

The USA has a long loving relation with numbers. Most sports fans can give you totals, averages and dates from events in current and past history for their beloved athletes. This country is governed by politicians relying on poll data, even asking what presidential candidate the average american would preferred to be cared by if they were ill… (Oh, just so you know in 2012, that was 49% Obama – 36% Romney). When I was writing an article about what goes on in the USA these days, I found that there is no reliable data available about the police shootings, police killings, etc…

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Eric Garner’s death – Grand Jury Decision today

Eric Garner being hold by the NYPD. (image by Ramsey Orta - Time Magazine)

Eric Graner being hold by the NYPD. (image by Ramsey Orta – Time Magazine)

An african american man is stopped by the police for a minor crime. The Police is using force to hold him. The man dies. A grand jury has to decide on the indictment of the Policeman. This is not Ferguson, it’s New York City. It’s today.
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